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The Veil

From author B. D. West comes a new science fiction novel for 2022.

Renee wakes up and finds herself in a world different from the one she once knew. A satellite named, The Veil, was accidentally destroyed and with its destruction came a new terrifying reality.

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The Wynter Timber Saga

Wynter Of Wolves

Wynter always felt as if he didn’t belong and knowing he was adopted just made matters worse.

He desperately longed to know who he was and where he came from. After his adopted father Samuel died, he decided to open a bar called Indigo’s. His life was just beginning to settle into a predictable routine; that is until destiny walked into his bar.

Alarick, Marrok and Lupin were a part of a world unknown to the humans. They were Shifters; sworn to protect the human race. Wynter felt a deep connection with the three mysterious strangers from the moment they locked eyes. Though they had never met, Wynter knew his life would never be the same…