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My Muse Is Grieving

It is September, and I have a new book that will release soon. It is bittersweet for me because I am releasing this book on September 19th. This date is important to me because it is my mother’s birthday. If you have read my previous blogs, you know she passed away last October. I chose this release date to honor

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Overcoming Pitch Panic

As an author, I have overcome many things. An introvert by nature, it has been a struggle to put my work out into the spotlight for all to see. I knew as soon as I self-published my first novel, the trolls would sniff the air, detect the newbie fear, and come out from under the bridges to insult my work-

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Flares, Writing And Grief

It is amazing the effect one soul can have on another person. They can use that power for good or for evil. That is the foundation for most of the characters authors use in their books. The people that use that power for good leave an imprint on our souls and when they leave this earth, you will feel their

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Grief, Writing, And Her

(Trigger warning: Trigger warning for anyone that has lost a loved one to a sudden illness, tragedy, or Covid-19. This blog is based on my personal experiences and is not intended for medical advice. If you or a loved one is experiencing a medical or mental crisis, please contact your personal physician or seek help from a licensed professional.) This

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When fear holds you back

Fear… it is a subject that most of us avoid daily. With October hot on our heels, what better time to talk about fear than now? Fear is something we have all had to face at some point in our lives. As children, we feared the monster under the bed, a skeleton lurking in our closet, a bully at school

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Chronic illness, writing and dreams

I have never spoken openly about my chronic illness. I guess I did not think it would be a subject anyone would care to read about. Nor did I want others to feel I was seeking attention or pity. Judgment happens a lot when others find out you suffer from a chronic condition that has no cure. After having a

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