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Why Women Drink

Why Women Drink

Standing at the sink

Washing my dishes

Running through my mind

 All my hearts wishes

How’d I end up here?

My dreams once so near

Then you came along

Like an old sappy song

You broke my heart right from the start

You hurt me deep

That’s why women drink

Sitting with a drink

I started to think

How great life could have been

Had you not walked in

My heart has changed and I can’t go back

All my dreams faded to black

They say grin and bear it

That it’s a girl’s dilemma

Boys will be boys

Well, that’s just noise

That’s how I know

Why women drink

Sitting in my car outside the bar

I heard your stupid laugh

You got your old girl back

You can have each other

I deserve something better

That’s how I know

Why women drink

Some say I should wish you well

Nah, you can rot in hell

Because I’m moving on

That’s why I wrote this song

And that’s how I know

Why women drink

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