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Truth in the Grave

Truth in the Grave

The lady lay silent in her see through bed.

Satin pillow beneath her head.

A string of pearls lay on her breathless neck and chest.

Beautifully dressed in her Sunday best.

A small frozen smile on her pale red lips.

Youthful white hands rest gently on her hips.

How did her delicate life come to this?

No children left behind.

The love of her life she never did find.

How I envy her.

When my life is a blur.

The world for her has become silent.

No more hurt, no more disappointment.

Never again to face choices that may be right, that may be wrong.

Seeing friends and lovers but never for long.

Springs, summers, falls and winters forever gone.

Who is the lucky one I did cry.

Is it I because it was not I that died?

Or is it she?

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