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Tomorrow Always Comes

Tomorrow always comes

Tomorrow always comes.

Tomorrow arrived with the morning sun.

Troubles kept me up last night.

Sleep has become a fight.

My heart is just not right.

The sun still rose and fell.

But I could not see it through my hell.

I close my eyes and search for my peace that I had as a child.

Just like the flowers my hope ran wild.

Is it possible to achieve that kind of innocence again?

Dare I hope for a better day?

For now I must figure out the role I must play.

I won’t tell you of the last time I cried.

Or tell you of all the pain I hide.

Every day I say I’m just fine.

Monday though Sunday it’s just a lie.

I think I would rather float away and fly.

I feel the rain all around.

All alone I make no sound.

So far peace has not been found.

Yes, tomorrow finally came.

Compared to yesterday, I am not the same.

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