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Time Traveler

Time Traveler

If I could travel back in time.

If I could examine the years line by line.

Could I go visit the younger me?

Would she recognize the woman she became to be?

Should I warn her of the tough times ahead?

Tell her to choose a different path instead.

Maybe I would just hold her hand.

Tell her one day she’ll understand.

All the things that will happen in life.

Encourage her not to be pulled down by strife.

I’d tell her momma was right.

I’d tell her through life you’ll have to fight.

When momma says stay home

Don’t go out on your own.

Stay home as long as you can.

Happiness doesn’t come in the form of a man.

Protect your heart and let love make a stand.

Fun and sad to imagine how it would be.

If I could sit and talk with me.

I want to warn her of things to come.

But instead life is already said and done.

I can only move forward now.

Learn to live life somehow.

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