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They All Slept Here

They all slept here. No visitors sit in my empty chair.

The phone never rings with well wishes and care.

Chronic pain sits with me on my full size bed.

Books stacked at my feet I have read.

There is a constant pounding in my head.

My thoughts wonder too often to the girl I once was

To who I am now.

Once full of energy and did it all somehow.

Dreams of travel and changing the world.

Only to be trapped in bed in a tight curl.

When I am gone and all is left in my room for them to leer.

Will they see all of us?



Chronic pain

Books I’ve read

Tears in vain

Movies I’ve watched

Letters and countless journals I’ve written

Diets I’ve tried

Pills I’ve taken

Meals I’ve eaten

My hopes

My dreams

Will they only see an empty bed?

Or will they finally see?

It was not only me.

They all slept there.

They kept me company.

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