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The Sun Still Rose Today

The sun rose today

The birds chirped

The coffee was brewed

Babies were born

Someone died


The sun still rose today

The clouds rolled in

The rain drops fell

Flowers bloomed

Leaves on the trees turned green


The sun still rose today

You fed the kids

Kissed a spouse

Went to work

You came home

Fed the dog

The sun set low in the sky

And yet…

The sun still rose again

You lived your life

You forgot I was here

You forgot I was sick

Year after year

Maybe you didn’t believe me

Maybe you thought I was a drama queen

After all

You have your own life

You have your own bills to pay

And your own worries for the day

I was too heavy a burden

An obligation that took too much of your time

I’ll never be well again

But what does it matter

Because for you

The sun still rose today

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