• Author B. D. West

The Other Side of Me

For you I wear a smile

I’ll even sit and talk a while

I refuse to fidget while you speak

To the naked eye

I am normal today

I am not a freak

I am not a freak

I am just sick

I don’t know all of you

But I’ll be normal for you too

I will pay my bills

I’ll pick up my kid from school

No thrills

You don’t know me

The other side of me

My smile is a mask I wear just for you

I bet you can’t see it

As we talk a while

Sweat runs down my back

My heart pounds

My mind grieves

I want to go home

I need relief

Relief is in my purse

That cursed orange bottle

Another surge of pain rolls through my body

Chronic illness is the devil

That’s the other side of me

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