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The Night Shift

The Night shift

From day to night, night to day

Strange how I ended up this way

By day I am a human in a day walkers bones

By night I come alive, just barely, as you lie asleep in your homes

I am the way that I am for the one who holds my heart

By day I am at my end, by night I extend my art

I long for the days when I might see the sun once more

Instead of the endless night, like a ocean with no shore

This is not my choice you see

My life is not based all upon me

I work the night shift for the cold, lifeless money

With the hope that I will one day see the land of milk and honey

Living day to night, night to day

Living pay check to paycheck, too close to the street for me to say

Working side by side with others walking the same road

Too many hardships going untold

With a passing joke and maybe a smile

It passes the night back to day, if only for a while

Tomorrow I’ll do it all over again

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