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The Ledge

The Ledge

Standing on the ledge the wind begins to blow.

Tear running from my eyes as I look at the rocks below.

My feet on the edge as I look down from the ledge.

Do I tell myself not to jump?

I think not.

Is there such thing as happiness or bliss?

Who can talk me down from the ledge?

Not you, not anyone.

For this is my ledge.

How did I end up here?

Was it my dreams that crashed that were once so near?

On my ledge there is no more anger, no more pain.

On my ledge, only peace and quiet.

Who will cry?

Who will I hurt after I leave the ledge?

The world has lost its color.

Lust for life has lost its taste.

Time to jump I must make haste.

I smile down at the ledge.

I whisper thank you for relief.

Sweet relief from pain and grief.

Everything in life I have no control.

It’s the ledge that finally takes its toll.

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