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Stronger than I feel

Stronger than I feel

The heart is stronger than it feels It’s the pain that is slower to heal They say this too shall pass And life is not all about the past It is love that will last My heart rest in the back seat of my car I’m low on gas and don’t know if it will get me far My hope is riding on my guitar I have lived through a lot A story for you is all I got Never thought I’d live hand to mouth But sometimes if you want to make it That’s how you do it in the south Now that I’m older I know who my true friends are Right now I hate that I’m sober But I found no answers in a bar Some say hell happens over night I say that is not entirely right True hell happens slowly It creeps in one second at a time My heart is stronger than I feel So, today… I’ll get on my knees and pray To make it through another day I’ll pray to finally see the sun shining down I need to smile now

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