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One of Those Nights

Ever have one of those nights? Sleep puts up the winning fight. Thoughts swirling in my head. Spinning too fast to sleep in my bed. My mind hurts, my body aches. I pace the floors till my back nearly breaks. No one hears those steps under my feet. At one with the ghost, no humans do I meet. Living in a silent struggle. I try so hard, yet still, I stumble. The sun mocks me every day. I stare out the window, watching the trees sway. They are alive with life. Not me. I’m hanging on Just hanging on. I want to scream, but who would hear me? I need the words but I lost the key. At this hour I feel so weak. When will it end? My sleepless streak. I am beyond tired. Exhausted, walking on a wire. Where did every one go? On sandman’s plateau? How lucky they are. Do they know? How lucky they are. How lucky.

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