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On the moon looking down

  I wish I was on the moon looking down. In a world with no atmosphere. A world with no sound. My world has become so loud. Not enough space. Too many crowds. In my world, no one can hear me over the noise. So instead I smile and wind myself up like a toy. If I were on the moon looking down, what would I see? Some one looking up thinking of me? If I lived on the moon, never again would I cover my eyes to block out my fears. Never again would I cry empty tears. Would any one look for me? No, the world would move on. Was I even meant to be? For now I am bound to this earth. A gift and a curse since birth. Some days I will smile. Some days I will walk a lonely mile. I walk that mile more often than not. Happiness is forever sought. Until I drawl my last breath. I’ll wish I was on the moon looking down.

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