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My World

From the highest mountain to the deepest sea. So many worlds and words fill me. You see a woman on a park bench, wrinkled and old. I see a woman with a story untold. When winters chill sends snowflakes falling down, I see an unknown world just waiting to be found. I don’t just see the stars in the sky, I see my self there and I can fly. I know there are dreamers out there like me. But it’s a needle in a haystack. Where can they be? My mind is like a flickering candle moving with the wind. Back and forth, words and stories with never an end. Just like Poe, I am a troubled soul. I see beauty and darkness and I just can’t fit into a mold. My words misunderstood, always unheard. My words are grounded like a flightless bird. Until I find a way to escape or walk through that pearly gate. I will dream of fantastic worlds and spin my stories. Tales of woe and untold glories. I will continue to see the world in an unusual way. Some day when you see my world, that will be a beautiful day.

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