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Music Man

   A song, a song from my past. Oh dear God, please let it last. I close my eyes. What a surprise. I’m sixteen again. No, nothing to gain. Just a memory, a feeling. A deep untouchable meaning. For a brief moment it fills me up. I am reborn. No, God no, I feel fore lorn. My friends, all ghost to me. Am I stuck or am I free? A horn plays so deep in the background. I block out my present, I can’t hear a sound. I’m playing it again for the third time. I memorize it, line for line. I see my youthful face. Beautiful, innocent, unnoticed grace. My first drink, my first kiss. Some things, I don’t always miss. The taste of freedom on my tongue. For a brief moment I am young. Each note fills my soul. Music man, was that your haunting goal? For a moment, music man, my troubled heart you did console. How did you know? In your song, my heart ache did flow. Your song is a curse and relief at the same time. I don’t question why. The music comes to an end. Music man, my dark knowing friend… Thank you… Thank you…

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