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If I Die Before Thirty Five

If I Die Before Thirty Five

If I die before thirty five. Would I have lived or merely survived? Did I live life to the full? Was I brave? Did I charge like a bull? Did I finally see my dream? Or did I fall short, didn’t finish my theme? I think of many who have already passed. How they tried but it didn’t last. The person I see in the mirror grows older every day. Every grey hair, every wrinkle a price I did pay. The struggle, the hardships, and the lessons I had to learn. Oh how it hurt, oh how it burned. Now I lay here in the dark with my thoughts. My fears, the years and all my secret haunts. Did I waste God’s gift of life? Or did I cut it down like a knife? Fear rolls over my skin and bones. How I cried, how I moaned. Will I wake with the dawn? Or will I have moved on? Will I feel relief if I wake with the morning light? Who knows… I just might.

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