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I miss my past

I miss my past

Today I thought of many things that should have last Of all the things I have learned present and past Maybe I could have worked on marriage and spiritual healing Instead of reacting to my feelings I learned that hind sight is never 20/20 And happiness can’t be bought with money My memories keep me going these day’s Regret never pays I try to wish it away But my world is a shade of grey Where is my time machine? A chance to wipe the slate clean A chance to speak and be heard To see with clarity, never blurred Return to times when things were simple To see my momma smile with her little dimples To be a child again, never have to worry To take my time and never have to hurry For now I listen to the rain Pretending I am in no pain They say that which does not kill us makes us stronger And with all my might I hang on just a little longer How long will my trials last. Oh, my broken heart, how I miss my past

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