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I’m on the Mend

I’m on the Mend

I had a dream last night

After our long hard fight

That you came back to me

And everything was alright

But I was wrong

You were gone

I need to move on with my life

Your love cut me like a knife

But I’m on the mend

I call on my strength

My long lost friend

Yes, I’m on the mend

I hate to go to work today

To pretend that I’m ok

But I do what I need to

I’ll someday be over you

Because I’m on the mend

I walked past you on the street

Wishing to God we didn’t meet

You looked in my eyes

You couldn’t hear my silent cries

But I kept my head up high

I let you walk on by

Because I’m on the mend

Maybe someday we can be friends

But until then this is the end

I do what’s right for me

I still love you can’t you see

But I’m on the mend

My strength is my friend

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