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Childhood Days of old

Childhood Days of Old

Childhood days of old Looking back how the memories unfold Times were simpler then Wishes, however, do not make them appear again But if I could go back in time I’d gather my dollies and yell “Tea time!” I would take off my shoes I would run through the cool grass and shake off the blues I would spin in a circle with my arms open wide I’d play hide and go seek because I know where to hide I would taste everything again for the first time Even vegetables I wouldn’t mind I would snuggle in my childhood bed Teeth brushed, prayers said I would beg for just one more story to be told An extra hug, a bear to hold Child hood days of old Looking back how the memories unfold I see my mother sitting there Rocking chair, golden hair I never saw the worry, the pain Working her fingers to the bone and had not much to gain She smiled though she suffered still Selling her possessions just to pay a bill Childhood days of old how the memories unfold Now that I am wise and have lived it is a hand I need to hold Once upon a time I thought I lived, I thought I knew it all How quickly I did fall Days spent trying to survive Living day to day like a bee in a hive Someday I shall be her again The girl with her arms open wide spinning round and round, no pain Only happiness and peace to gain Childhood days of old Looking back how the memories unfold Why oh why must we grow old To grow up and know all there is to know Even the things once untold I wish it were possible to be frozen in time Instead of childhood memories flashing through my mind.

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