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Hello I am Author B. D. West. I am a science fiction writer, however, I write what ever my brain torments me with. I just love writing stories and entertaining people with all the fantasy worlds or daring adventures my mind comes up with. I love writing poetry about nature or whatever is happening in my life at the moment. Reading books of course, is my favorite pass time but writing stories is my passion and I just released my first novel Wynter Of Wolves. I find a lot of inspiration for my work from my home state of North Carolina. Originally a Tennessee girl, I fell in love with the mountains, the local folklore and the artistic culture of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As a writer I am inspired by my surroundings and my fellow authors and dreamers. Edgar Allan Poe has always been an intriguing poet dear to my heart as well as other poets of the past. I enjoy meeting new authors, book lovers and fans on my social medias. Outside of writing, I love exploring nature, spending time with my family and entertaining my two cats, Ruth and Idgie.

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